Tomorrow is our annual Teddy bear’s Picnic. All the preps have been practising as part of our developmental play.

Preps of 2021

We are so proud of our new Preps. They are showing wonderful independence coming into school and cooperating with their friends straight away. What a great start!    

Year 3 / 4  STEM Tower project

Year 3 / 4  STEM Tower project As part of their Design and Technology unit, Year 3 and 4 students were challenged to build a tower with two sheets of newspaper and 30cm of sticky tape. The aim was to build a tall tower which could stand by itself. Our tallest tower...

World Teachers’ Day

Thank you for the amazing job all our teachers have done in this very different year!


FIRST PREP TRANSITION TODAY (21/10)/ TOMORROW (22/10) Log on to webex with your password to take part in “The Wombat Goes to School.”


On Monday our Year 1 / 2 students created very colourful spoons with a great variety of ideas and placed them in the front of the school. Please have a look the next time you are walking past. They look wonderful!  

Welcome Back Everyone!

We have had a wonderful start to Term 4 with our students enjoying social interaction with their friends, chatting and playing. We are so excited to return to onsite...

Prep 2021 Transition

There will be no transition this Friday 16th October. All transitions have moved online. We will be in contact with all parents via email and post. The first sessions begin on Wednesday 21st or Thursday 22nd October. Please contact the school with any questions (PH):...