Croydon Primary School is extremely proud of its 2017 NAPLAN results.
These results are not due to any one program, but are proof of the holistic view we take to education.
Here has been structural change with a new Principal and teachers planning and teaching together.
There has been a shift in instruction ensuring we are teaching the individual not programs. We have used Language Experience and Word matrices to improve vocabulary.
The development of vocabulary has lead to the significantly improved Literacy results.

There are also the small things that contribute to the engagement and positivity of our students; a growth mindset, positive relationships with their teachers, wonderful specialist programs who work closely with class teachers, our chaplain and social worker, links with the local Lions Club providing breakfast 2 days a week, our regular partnership with Murrundindi, the Resilience Project and Respectful Relationships.

Come and see what we are doing at anytime!

Thank you to all of our parents for the wonderful survey results.