International students

Croydon Primary School has a very diverse student population. Adding to our diversity, the school has hosted International Students in the past and we are happy to offer places where enrolment numbers allow. There is no separate International Programme, our overseas students join with local students in class, forming friendships, increasing understanding of cultures and furthering language skills. Therefore the curriculum is the same as that listed for other students International students have the same access as local students to school facilities.

International Students have access to English as an Additional Language (EAL) classes, if required, with the school’s EAL teachers. Welfare support is available from classroom teachers and the school’s Wellbeing Coordinator. Our Office Administrator can assist with all manner of forms and papers and our Wellbeing Coordinator will help with uniform, an explanation of local transport options and questions relating to other services within the immediate vicinity of the school.

Students joining our school are required to attend an orientation tour, where students will view the school and an explanation of school procedures and processes will be given. Interpreters are provided if necessary and students and parents are encouraged to ask as many questions as they need to give themselves a good understanding of the school, what it will provide to the student and what is required of them.



Our school is at the roundabout of Croydon Road and Kent Ave in Croydon. We are directly opposite Croydon Railway Station. The area is well serviced with public transport, sports facilities (swimming pool, AFL football, basketball, netball, cricket, and athletics track), shopping centres (Croydon Centro, Croydon Main Street, Arndale Shopping Centre, Eastland , Chirnside Park Shopping Centre and Doncaster via eastlink) and churches of many denominations. The local area, like the school itself, has a diverse population. We are in the City of Maroondah and have access to the services they provide, such as libraries and parks and gardens.



Prior to enrolling at our school, International Students must contact the International Education Division.

Details are:

International Education Division:

41 St Andrews Place
East Melbourne 3002, Victoria, Australia

Tel: +61 3 9637 2990
Fax: +61 3 9637 2184


The provider is: Department of Education and Early Childhood Education

CRICOS Provider Code: 00861K

The School’s International Student co-ordinator is the Principal Julie Gilbert . Ms Gilbert may be contacted on 9723 2472 or at