Camping Program

Our camping program involves all students at our school, slowly developing their independence from the Prep breakfast through to the Year 5/6 adventures.

A strong camping program supports the Physical Education program and builds confidence and resilience.

Prep – Breakfast

The Prep students arrive early in the morning to have breakfast with the Year 2’s. Their first introduction to one of the elements of camp!

Year 1 – Late Night Dinner

The Year 1 students stay late and have dinner and games with the Year 2’s in preparation for the next year.

Year 2 – School Sleep Over

The Year 2’s enjoy dinner with the Year 1’s, a games night and movie before climbing into their sleeping bags. The next day, after breakfast with the preps, they make their lunch ready for school.

Year 3/4  (alternate years)

Anglesea Burnside Beach Camp –
Featuring: canoeing, beach volleyball, beach combing, ropes, flying fox and initiatives challenges.

Malmsbury Doxa Country Camp –
Featuring: challenge ropes course, trampolines, giant swing, crate stack, frisbee golf and cooking.

Year 5/6  (alternate years)

Blue Light Camp – Maldon
Featuring: Bike Riding, Rock Climbing, Mini Golf, Low Ropes, Archery.

City Camp – Melbourne
Featuring: MSAC, Art Gallery, Parliament House, MCG, Eureka Sky Deck.