$2.296 MILLION


TERM 4 2018

Shaun Leane MP announced last week that Croydon Primary School would receive $2.296million.

Students at Croydon P.S. will soon get a brand new modular school building thanks to an innovative new school building program.

As part of the Asbestos Removal Program, poor condition buildings containing asbestos will be demolished and replaced with permanent modular buildings. This will reduce planning and building times, and mean less disruption to students, staff and teaching programs.

The architecturally-designed permanent modular buildings offer a fast and efficient solution for schools needing to replace older buildings containing asbestos.

The School will work with the Victorian School Building Authority over coming weeks to ensure a smooth delivery of this major upgrade. These new buildings are built off-site and delivered to schools so teaching is not interrupted and on-site safety risks are reduced.

Our new main building will see no reduction in footprint, larger classrooms and library. The school has started to plan in readiness to meet with architects to plan the best space possible for all our students, staff and parents.

This is a very exciting announcement that will provide everyone with the optimum working environment they deserve. While what happens inside is more important than outside looks, we also know that new purpose built spaces will add to the outstanding teaching we have at Croydon P.S.