Last week it was my privilege to attend the funeral of John Yorston. A wonderful man who lived to 99 years of age.

John fought to defend this country in the Second World War He was taken prisoner by the Japanese and was treated so poorly he was 37Kg by the time he was released.

John worked on the Burma railway during his time as a POW.

At the end of the service I was given  small Rosemary plant to remember John. While driving home I was struck by the synergy of this token as I have the privilege of providing a safe school and haven for many Burmese refugees. They would not have been able to find that safety if it wasn’t for men like John.

I sat with the Year 5 & 6 students and explained the significance of the plant and what I wanted to do. I wanted to plant it in our “Sensory Peace Garden.” To grow and flourish and be a reminder of John’s sacrifice and the gratitude of the children who have found a home in Croydon.

The five students below were keen to help plant the Rosemary and have undertaken to care for it.

Once the plant is a little bigger we will also take a cutting and place it next to the ANZAC memorial.

We will remember John and all the servicemen and women who fought to keep us free.

-Julie Gilbert (Principal)