It all began on a beautiful Wednesday morning at Croydon Primary School. An enormous bus arrived to take us to a camp we will never forget. It was a long journey North East towards Maldon, out the window we saw massive skyscrapers and then golden grassy rolling plains.

As we arrived at the Blue Light Youth Camp we had no idea how much fun it would be. We first noticed the amazing colourful line of bikes and we were super pumped to ride! The camp even had it’s own working set of traffic lights so we could learn how to ride safely around busy intersections.

Our first task was to take the long hilly ride to the BMX track. We saw cows, trees and even train tracks on the way! There was a giant puddle that we had to manoeuvre around. Once we arrived, everyone was exhausted, we stopped and had some delicious fresh apples and we were all able to have a go on the BMX track.

Highlights of Day 2 included a trip through the old fashioned town of Maldon to the lollyshop. A nerf war in a smoky, dim, music filled area with flashing lights which was adrenaline pumping fun! Rock climbing was a challenge that we all loved, the four sided wall was 10m high and colourful. On the mini golf course a few of us were lucky enough to get a hole in one! The obstacle course tested our speed, teamwork, stamina and strength, it was quite a task that we were all able to complete. The talent show was fun, everyone contributed and were brave while performing.

On our final day in Maldon we took a hike to the top of Mt. Tarrangower. It was difficult climbing up the steep hill with big rocks and lots of bull ants, but we managed to get to the top. The payoff was worth it as the beautiful view was breathtaking. We climbed the Park Ranger’s tower to get an even better view. We could see about 100km far and wide.

It was time to leave for Croydon, we were sad to go but excited to be reunited with our family! As the loud music played on the bus, some of us were lucky to see six Ferraris parked on the side of the road. As we pulled into the carpark, we felt happy to be home, back in one piece with new skills and memories.

By Daniel, Emmanuel, Delphine and Taleigha

“The BMX track was a ripper!” – Emmanuel

“Best camp ever!” – Daniel

“I fell off my bike, but still had fun.” – Taleigha

“I loved the challenging rock climbing wall!” – Delphine

“The food was delicious.” – Brittny